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In The Media

Jas Deoja, owner of The Cookie Boss, has emerged as a culinary sensation, captivating audiences both locally and nationally with her extraordinary edible artistry showcased in the realm of luxury custom cookies. This culinary maestro's creations have not only garnered widespread acclaim but have also landed her in the spotlight of various media outlets. From local features to national recognition, The Cookie Boss has become a household name, leaving an indelible mark on the custom cookie art landscape. A particularly noteworthy moment in her culinary journey was a feature on the prestigious Food Network, where their exceptional talent and exquisite custom cookies took center stage, further solidifying The Cookie Boss as a trailblazer in the world of delectable, artistic treats. Visit the links below for spotlights in the media.

The Cookie Boss from El Dorado Hills discusses her Food Network debut with Mark S. Allen!

Jas Deoja, is one of the contestants on the second season of the Food Network’s Halloween Cookie Challenge. Deoja will be on episode 2 of the new season this Monday evening, October.2, 2023.

Learn about Jas Deoja's journey into the world of custom cookies, her exciting experiences on the Food Network, and how she’s planning to bring her sweet expertise to the national stage.

Sakura Gray visits The Pavilion Memory Care Center, where seniors are getting Valentine's Day love and sweet tasty cookies delivered by The Cookie Boss! See these seniors enjoy these tasty treats!

Jas's custom cookies are made fresh from scratch with the finest, most delicious, premium ingredients. The El Dorado Hills baker makes cookies for all types of events, so if you can dream it, she can bake it!

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